Thursday, March 31, 2011


So good to be back in Arizona.  Ken and Brendt met us at the airport after midnight, even though Brendt had to go to school the next day.  He is as tall as I am now - what a difference a year makes!  Of course, Philip towers over me.
Suzanne and Ken's home is so welcoming.  There is always a seat at the table and a bed to sleep in.  We are fortunate to be given "Anne and Ron's room" and each year there is something personal to us hanging on the wall - this year there was a collage of pictures from their visit to our home.
We love all the grandchildren  - we have watched them grow up. 

Out with Brendt and Abigayle

Brendt and Myranda

and Philip

Myranda and Ashley cooking our breakfast

It was delicious

Callie and Ashley, and with her mom, Karen - Callie is two now

Suzanne and I at the Scottsdale Craft Show

Leslie joined us and we stayed cool in a nearby restaurant

Ron playing Philip's guitar while Ken cooks

One of the highlights of our visit was the Music Museum.  It displayed musical instruments from all over the world  - there were videos to watch the musicians and earphones to listen to the music.

The boys waiting for us
Ashley, Myranda and Philip

Suzanne and I, and Brendt

On St. Patrick's Day, Ken cooked us corn beef and cabbage.  Myranda made salmon for me.
Niki and the St. Patrick's Day spread

We love Tubac and spent a day there

I have a very respectful family - they insisted that we go to a vegan restaurant

We love Sedona

The Desert Botanical Gardens - we go every year and there is always something different

The butterfly house is amazing

Of course we all had to pose as a butterfly

Gardening in Arizona is very different than here in BC.
Brendt is starting his own garden

Ken is growing a tomato plant upside down

On our last day we had fun helping Ken do yard work

Niki reading a bedtime story to Brendt - he was a trouper and got up at 3:30 am to come to the airport  with us.

We are always sad to leave.
We will be back soon....

Monday, March 7, 2011

mood pendants

These are the finished mood pendants.  Black symbolizes stress

 Green reflects a calm state of mind

Blue is Happy and

Violet indicates a romantic and passionate state...