Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas 2012

The drive to Vancouver was scary this year.  Rolled over semis at the side of the road, cars in the ditch.  Sigh of relief when the journey was over.
We stayed at Erin and Reg's place.  Erin was leaving Christmas Eve so spent as much time with her as possible.  Her trip to Bulgaria had been in the works for a while, but for various reasons, she wasn't able to secure the dates until almost the last minute.  So, while I was going to miss her at Christmas and was vaguely worried, I was just too happy for her to let any of that bother me.
Erin and I drove out on Saturday before Christmas to White Rock to visit her dad and Debbie.  Then off to Starbucks with Debbie for our yearly tradition (started last year!) of the three of us girls having coffee, laughing and catching up.  Erin has been volunteering at RAPS  for many years so that was our next stop.

A lot of the cats here were feral, some are friendly and some are not.
Hope is very sweet.

Doesn't this beauty look affectionate?  Apparently, not yet.  I resisted the urge to pat her!

Christmas Day was spent with Lee and Xiao Li.  Ron cooked a great dinner.

Boxing Day at Jen's

and later, at Dave and Debbie's

visiting with Louize and little Sheila

Reg was a great host.  Even though he was busy with rehearsals for "Charley's Aunt", the first show for his new company,  Theatre in the Country,   he really looked after us.  He took us to see "Les Miserables", which we really enjoyed.  And, he bought Ron a box of chocolate turtles, when he realized that the rest of us had forgotten!

We knew that we were no longer city folk when we kept getting lost, embarrassingly, in Ikea!  And then took us forever to find Pirouz's apartment - in the west end, where we had lived only a few blocks away!  Finally there, but lost in the parking garage - somehow we had entered the wrong building - the concierge very nicely rescued us and led us through a maze where Nasrin met us.  Sigh.  But, just the best evening with Nasrin and Pirouz.   Felt nostalgia for the old days in White Rock.