Sunday, May 20, 2012

Arizona 2012

The main theme this year for our Arizona visit was Baseball (after installation of the Vessel Sink!)  So much fun.
Exhibition game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Milwaukee Brewers

Brendt plays for two teams - one, the Tigers, was in a tournament which was being hosted in Arizona.  Very exciting to watch.

In the finals, up against a strong team from Las Vegas, the Tigers made a great second place finish.  

We went to Jo-Jo's to celebrate - amazing pizza and teramisu!

Next,  Brendt's Little League game with the Diamondbacks.  Loving Ron's action shots.

Brendt's cactus garden

Myranda joined us for a vegan meal, and afterwards showed us her gymnastic skills.  She has made the OConner High School Cheer Team.

Ron and Ken  - last stab at the jig-saw puzzle

On the way home, we visited family in White Rock and Vancouver.
Louize, just a week after open heart surgery

Nibbles was self-mutilating and is having to wear a collar!

Two very special cats, belonging to our grandchildren

great visit with Debbie and Dave

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vessel Sink

The vessel sink for Suzanne and Ken was a labour of love - Ron enjoyed every moment of making it and was thrilled with the result.  This is what it was replacing.

Ron managed to salvage the taps and faucet

We found a black granite countertop - the holes are for the faucet and drain

Although vessel sinks have become very popular, we had to order a proper faucet online.  The drain was the biggest challenge.  We bought the drain in 100 Mile and Ron drilled the hole to accommodate it.  However, once at Suzanne's, we realized that not only did we want a brushed nickel finish, the drain we had was not the universal size for vessel sinks.  After searching in vain we ended up at Ferguson's Plumbing Supplies - an amazing place where everyone became involved in finding the right size drain fitting.  No luck.  We were sitting in the car deciding what to do next when a salesman who had observed our conversation came out with a drain fitting he had found in the archives.  We trooped back into the store - and it fit perfectly in the sink.  Wrong finish, but we were given the name of an electroplater and the drain fitting for free.  This was truly the best customer service I have ever experienced.
So, next came the installation of the faucet and sink.  

Very happy!