Monday, November 19, 2012

Parkside Art Gallery

This will be our second year taking part in the Christmas Bazaar at the Parkside Art Gallery.  The Bazaar runs from November 10th until December 22nd and showcases local artists.
All of our pendants in one place - turquoise, dichroic, fused glass and pressed flower

and a pair of sushi plates

I was hoping our studio would be up and running by now.  The little building was ready mid-summer and we set up equipment for Ron to cut beer and wine bottles to make glasses and vases.   It soon became apparent that this activity rendered the studio useless for creating or displaying anything else.  Those pesky little glass shards!
But...  Ron is taking a break now.  After much vacuuming, taking boxes of broken glass to the recycling, and rearranging everything, we are finally setting up our displays.  So much fun.

     The sun was setting as we headed home

Saturday, November 17, 2012

November craft shows

The Little Fort craft show is one of our favourites.  It is close to home, and the people are friendly and appreciative.

Jim and Helen were beside us last year at this show - we were happy once again to be their neighbours

We had five days between the Little Fort show and our next craft fair, as well as delivering product for the Parkside Gallery Christmas Bazaar mid-week.  So, it was not the best time for Lucy to develop bacterial dermatitis.  She was oblivious to our time constraints, and delighted to go to the vet's.  Especially as it is beside K-9 Pack Pals, her beloved daycare.  There was some momentary confusion as to which door she should enter!
Lucy is now on antibiotics, and at first wore a blow-up doughnut collar to prevent licking.  She was in disbelief  when we put it on her.  Literally not moving for five minutes!

Then, she decided she liked it

The South Cariboo Winter Arts and Crafts Fair was especially fun as so many of the other vendors were from our summer markets.
We substituted the candle holders and dishes for the glasses.  The glasses and vases cut from beer and wine bottles sold well at the markets, but while people loved them at our craft shows, there weren't enough sales to justify space on the table.

Jim and Helen were across from us

Pat McKay was beside us with her beautiful scarves.

Mike and his handcrafted furniture and birdhouses was beside us at the 100 Mile Market

Jeri-Lynne was around the corner from us with her chocolates, her jewellery and her mom's canning.

My family will all recognize Jan's table - I do my Christmas shopping there!
Mina, Jan and Shirley

Love Mina's jewellery, and her Christmas decorations

Teresa keeps me in soap and lotions all year round!