Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas, 2011

This year, we decided to bring our trailer and Lucy to White Rock for a month over Christmas.  We had stayed at the Parklander rv park a few years ago and loved it.  It is close to everything, yet in a woodland setting.  We were crossing our fingers that Lucy, our country dog, used to running free and announcing anyone and anything, would adjust to rv park life.  She surprised us, making friends with everyone, didn't try to escape, and tried to listen to us when we told her not to bark.

 Our granddaughter was in a Christmas play.  She was Pegasus

After the play,  Lucy and the kids in the park

Jen made these yummy reindeer

Lucy meets new friends
Holly's dog, Mercedes

Liam and Kirsten's dogs, - Mackie

and Vegas, who was not sure about Lucy and prefers to sit with Louize

Liam and Kirsten, always amazing hosts

Lucy is so relaxed, she goes to sleep

enjoying our trailer

we had visitors -
Lee and Xiao Li,  Erin,  and our grandchildren

running with Lucy at an off leash park

we had wonderful visits with Liisa

Louize's dog, Sheila, in her Christmas dress

Christmas with family

Christmas Day at Erin's

Mama Jane and Nibbles
(Nibbles is not usually in his cage)

More family on Boxing Day at Dave and Debbie's -
Angie with her and Dylan's adorable son

visiting family from Mexico, delightful children, wish I had more time to spend with them

wish I had taken pictures - Debbie and I had one of our wonderful walks in Crescent Beach.  Stopped at Starbucks for our seasonal coffee and treat and headed for the beach.  Afterwards, Debbie suggested we stop in and see Vivian - we had such a lovely visit, - she looked good, was so happy to see us, and in great spirits.  Within a week, she had peacefully passed away so that visit is so special, especially sharing it with Debbie.

winding down after Christmas, took Lucy to another off leash park, in Crescent Beach, close to where Debbie and I had our walk

skating lessons

getting ready to hitch up for the drive home