Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Eagle, Erin, and the 100 Mile Farmer's Market

A young eagle landed in our field this morning. 

We watched as it began devouring its' prey.  Every once in a while we would see what appeared to be a chubby, reddish animal.  We were pondering what it could be when Erin said, "It looks like a stuffed toy."  No....  We continued to watch as it chewed, stomped on and pulled apart whatever it was.  Finally it flew away - Ron walked down to the field and....  yes, it was a very cute, very mangled, stuffed toy.

My daughter has been visiting us from Vancouver - she was looking forward to some sunshine.  This is what greeted us this morning...

Lucy loves having Erin here - lots of running and playing

The Farmer's Market in 100 Mile House has begun.  It has been great seeing all the familiar faces.