Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Eagle, Erin, and the 100 Mile Farmer's Market

A young eagle landed in our field this morning. 

We watched as it began devouring its' prey.  Every once in a while we would see what appeared to be a chubby, reddish animal.  We were pondering what it could be when Erin said, "It looks like a stuffed toy."  No....  We continued to watch as it chewed, stomped on and pulled apart whatever it was.  Finally it flew away - Ron walked down to the field and....  yes, it was a very cute, very mangled, stuffed toy.

My daughter has been visiting us from Vancouver - she was looking forward to some sunshine.  This is what greeted us this morning...

Lucy loves having Erin here - lots of running and playing

The Farmer's Market in 100 Mile House has begun.  It has been great seeing all the familiar faces.


  1. So beautiful much fun!!!

  2. Honestly Anne! I laughed out loud (read LOL) when I read this post and then saw the 'prey' ~ that was extremely funny. When animals and humans cross paths on this old world of ours it can be a hoot hey? Nice to hear about Erin's visit. It looks like you have a garden started? Is that fencing? Well this apple is the apple of my eye these days...saved my life...thank you Anne, Ron, and Erin for being so fabby! I LOVE THIS APPLE!!! Well, time to go do more blog hopping and google searching and emailing and, and, and. (For some reason face book escapes my understanding, interest, comprehension and use. I signed up and set the privacy settings and never go there.) Well kids, take care, love ya, *smiles* Norma

  3. Guess that eagle has a little bit yet to learn! So glad the computer is working! Yes, that is my garden, the fence was to keep the deer out. Mainly flowers for pressing, tho I do grow some vegetables. Erin is gone now - I love people coming to visit and I hate it when they leave! Happy internet surfing. xox