Thursday, June 30, 2011

our studio, part two

It has been a slow start, but the dream is becoming a reality.  This building had originally been a ranch bunkhouse (interesting graffiti on the walls!)  The metal roof was the first reno.  Then the interior ceiling.

And now, the home made windows and cladding

This is the front, facing the lake - the next project is making the large window.  And a deck.  And painting, of course...

Lucy, inspecting the inside

And scrounging the job site, looking for anything to chew

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Loon Bay Market

While at the Loon Bay Market, we changed our table around (yet again!) to feature the sushi plates and small dishes.  The market is part of Loon Bay Resort, with a beautiful setting on Sheridan Lake.

The next week, at the 100 Mile Farmer's Market, we changed the tables as well

We bought these beautiful placemats from SinderbluStudio on Etsy.  Siana and Bryan are fellow vendors at Loon Bay so we get to enjoy their creations every week

We are getting ready for the markets this weekend - these pendants are featuring dichroic glass...

new bracelets and rings...

these flower pendants are awaiting protective resin