Thursday, October 10, 2013


Stars filling the Kiln

This is a metal tree we bought a few years ago at a garden centre's Christmas sale.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

More Dichroic - Bracelets and earrings and pendants and rings....

The summer markets are over - now we are getting ready for the Christmas shows.  The kiln is humming and Ron is using lots of dichroic glass

Bracelets and earrings

Pendants and rings

Pressed flower pendants and earrings

fun skull earrings

This was the summer of "fixing up the house".  Yes, we have been doing that for six years.  But this summer, we went crazy.
First up, was replacing the roof over the combined workshop, laundry, storage room.  Sadly, this is the entrance to our home.
Then, the fun began.  Painting the house.  The previous post shows After the Power Wash.

Painting the Primer.  And discovering the top of our septic tank had rotted away.  Explains the board steps from my feet.

Finally, the Paint.  Boxcar Red Wagon.

Replacing the Septic Tank Lid


That should have been it.  But there was still the overhang...

So, our summer holidays are over!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

2013 Farmer's Markets

I am very behind in my blog posting.  It is July and I still haven't posted anything about the farmers' markets.
My excuse is, we are painting our house.  The outside.  I know - doesn't it all make sense now?  So far, we have power washed (and what a mess that is), put up moldings, knocked down the antenna pole, etc, etc.
And we haven't even opened up a can of primer yet, let alone paint. 
By the way, the paint colour is boxcar red.

The 100 Mile Farmer's Market moved from the Highway 97 location to the centre of town, taking over Third St  and the plaza of the Community Centre.  On Friday, from 8:30 am until 1:30 pm.  I think all of us felt trepidation at first.  Would people find us?  And, would the tourists make that turn and come into town.  As I write this, I can say - yes, they will!  Last Friday, at least half of our customers were from out of town.

May and June were rainy and often cold, but the town supported us. People came and chatted, and bought.  Jan giving shelter

Loon Bay Market - a sunny day

Siana with her beautiful hand embroidered cards and woven scarves

we have lots of new product

pendants with vintage material as well as my flowers

more to come...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Canada Day weekend with Lee and Xiao Li

Vancouver is not close enough for everyone to visit us just for the weekend.  Lee had only been here once, and that was before he and Xiao Li were married and we had moved up here to stay.  Xiao Li had never been here.  Their work schedules don't always coincide - so we were thrilled when they were both able to come up for the Canada Day weekend.
We hadn't painted the house yet (still to come...) but have a new metal roof over the workshop, extended the deck, and the garden had begun to take off - sunshine after a dismal, rainy June.

Lee and Xiao Li took total advantage of a holiday away from the city.  They went canoeing,


relaxing, and enjoying Lucy (who loves company)

I was glad that our resident deer ambled by while we were on the deck.  They both really enjoyed the herons, didn't get a picture of them.

On Monday, before they left, Lee and Xiao Li took us out for lunch in 100 Mile.
Very sad to see them go

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Family Time

I miss my family in Arizona.  Suzanne and I are the only ones left from that little extended family unit that moved from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia to Ontario.  Now I am living in BC and Suzanne is in Arizona.  How crazy is that??

We arrived at Suzanne and Ken's in time for a St. Patrick's Day dinner.  Ken is the best chef.  Philip and Brendt of course are even taller than me than they were last year!!

Brendt's baseball games.  Ron has fun with the action shots

Post game

With Niki at a night game

Suzanne is hiding

wildflower walk at the Rock Art Centre

Ron wore his new hat

Leslie with us in downtown Glendale

Craft Show at Sun City, a senior's complex.  I would love this little car

even the sheriff drives one

very interesting art creations

birds on a wire

trip to Tuscon street fair 

and Tubac

Suzanne wanted to buy me a straw hat - don't I look enthusiastic?  Now I wish I had let her

love the metal art at Tubac

New gallery store in Cave Creek

Always sad to leave.  We stopped in Vancouver on the way home.  This is the view from Lee's balcony

We stayed with Erin and Reg

visiting Jen and kids (Ralph was at work)

Port Moody

Liam and Kirsten's new house.  Love it.

Visit with Debbie and Dave and Kingster

What is wrong with this picture??  Oh, right - snow!!!  We are home and it was winter again 
Planting the asparagus plants Liam gave us