Saturday, July 13, 2013

Canada Day weekend with Lee and Xiao Li

Vancouver is not close enough for everyone to visit us just for the weekend.  Lee had only been here once, and that was before he and Xiao Li were married and we had moved up here to stay.  Xiao Li had never been here.  Their work schedules don't always coincide - so we were thrilled when they were both able to come up for the Canada Day weekend.
We hadn't painted the house yet (still to come...) but have a new metal roof over the workshop, extended the deck, and the garden had begun to take off - sunshine after a dismal, rainy June.

Lee and Xiao Li took total advantage of a holiday away from the city.  They went canoeing,


relaxing, and enjoying Lucy (who loves company)

I was glad that our resident deer ambled by while we were on the deck.  They both really enjoyed the herons, didn't get a picture of them.

On Monday, before they left, Lee and Xiao Li took us out for lunch in 100 Mile.
Very sad to see them go

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