Friday, July 15, 2011

100 Mile House Farmer's Market

The 100 Mile House farmer's market is located on Highway 97, in the center of town.  This is where we can be found every Friday.

We finally have our banner

Our neighbour, Jan, is known as the Rag Lady.  She knits everything from dish soap dresses to tote bags, which the teenagers (boys and girls) love
Ed is our neighbour on the other side.  He sells eggs, plants and popcorn.

Love the hemp jewellery - very unique, original designs

Mina is a true artist and her amazing jewellery creations reflect that

Jeri-Lynne's bakery is a popular spot - her date loaves are my favourite

Willie is an artist who uses glass as her canvas - we have done many trades with her

We buy all our plants and fresh vegetables at the market.
Ceeds is a co-op and sells plants and organic vegetables as well as fair-trade coffee.  We always check out what they have first thing.

Stephanie and Siegfried manage the market.  Our garden is full of their flower and vegetable plants

and perennials and annuals from Linda

There are many other vendors who make the market a fun place to be every Friday.  I will be taking more pictures soon!

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