Monday, March 5, 2012

Making Paper

Making paper is messy and time consuming - but I love it.  Years ago, I saw a paper making recipe in a recycling newsletter and I was hooked.  The recipe has evolved over the years, but the process remains simple.

I mix cut up cotton linter and corn starch with water in the blender, add plant material and then shredded scrap paper.  The blender is run at high speed with each addition

The pulp is added in small increments to a large tub of water. At this point, other cut up materials can be added, such as wool, plant material, etc......  Deckles are pushed into the tub and brought to the surface with a layer of pulp.  Excess water drains back into the tub, the deckle is covered with a cloth and turned onto the counter.  I use a sponge to remove moisture through the screen, lift up the screen and lay the cloth onto a board.  The cloth is ironed and left on the board to dry.

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