Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mama Jane - A Very Unique Cat

All cats are wonderful, but there was something very special about Mama Jane.  Her final years were spent with my daughter and son-in-law, Erin and Reg.  Her age and early life are unknown.  Erin met her at RAPS (Richmond Animal Protection Society), a shelter for feral cats where she volunteers.

Erin fell in love with Mama Jane and decided to bring her home, knowing that with her age and many ailments, she did not have much time left.  And Erin wanted to make those final days as happy, pain free and comfortable as possible.  

She became part of the family immediately.  Running to the door when Erin or Reg (or anyone for that matter) came in, vocally greeting whomever and asking to be picked up.  There were many trips to the vet to help with her mouth ulcers and respiratory problems, surgery to remove her abscessed teeth, and medications to alleviate the symptoms of her ailments.  She was a trouper during all of this.

I have mentioned what a good hostess she was - when we would visit, she made us feel very welcome.  Sleeping with us - on one of our heads, her favourite spot.  

She even made friends with Nibbles, the family cockatiel.  Well, she didn't attack him.  I might be exaggerating about the "making friends".

Mama lived for five more years with Erin and Reg.  She was loved by everyone, and had a good time wherever she went.  Here she is at Urban Tails, being babysat while Erin and Reg went on a trip.

A month before Mama died, it was discovered that she had cancer.  Erin was as determined as she had been all along to make this stage also as comfortable as she could.  And religiously made sure she had enough pain pills to be able to eat.  Mama still was as cuddly and loving as ever.  Even during the last days she didn't hide away but seemed to draw comfort from being with Erin and Reg.  

Finally, on April 7, 2014, Mama passed away, peacefully, lying on Reg's chest, with Erin beside her.  They were fortunate to find a vet, Dr. Susan Hetherington, who makes house calls.   She was very sensitive, explaining the process as she went along.  Many tears and prayers.  
And Mama Jane will forever be with us.  She gave as much to Erin and Reg as they gave to her
And I will never forget her.

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