Thursday, October 29, 2015

Farmers' Markets, 2015

From May until September, our lives are occupied with Farmers' Markets. Three days a week. Thursday through Saturday. This year, the markets were in One Hundred Mile House, Clearwater and Barriere. We love the Loon Bay market, which we sold at for many years. However, now that we have an arthritic dog, we prefer the hours of the Clearwater market. We have also come to love this area and its' people.

Our theme remains the same: glass, handmade paper and pressed flowers. But we are always discovering new methods and creations.

Last year I was told about the amazing qualities of wasps' nests in my paper pulp:

2014 entry on wasps' nests

 This year I was asked to make cards with a coffee scent for The Bicycle Tree. The coffee scent evaporated, but I liked the bumps the coffee grounds made. So coffee grounds get thrown into my paper pulp with the nests and whatever else I have on hand.

The cafe also asked for Christmas cards. New for me, but they were fun to make. My friend suggested I add glitter to each card and that was really fun to do.

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