Friday, October 30, 2015

New Stuff

There are endless possibilities when working with glass. Ron is always open to travelling down new paths. He is self-taught, loves YouTube, and is inspired by customers' suggestions.

Upcycling is not new, but this year we have expanded our selection.

These baubles are blown from beer and wine bottles, then wire-wrapped.
The chimneys are the necks of the bottles that were used for glassware. (we hate to waste anything!) They protect tealight candles from the wind.

These glasses, cut from beer and wine bottles, are annealing in the kiln.

The spoon rests are made from all types of jars and bottles. As with the glassware, we look for interesting shapes and textures.

These pendants were formed using lampworking techniques. This involves shaping the glass in a flame.

It is often difficult to manipulate a bracelet clasp by yourself. Not with these bracelet helpers!

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