Thursday, February 3, 2011

busy day

When you are living in an old farmhouse you are never without a project.  Today it was the kitchen.  Ceiling tiles were on sale so that is what was happening.  More than half done and it looks so much better!

As soon as Ron started making rings using dichroic glass, customers began asking if they were mood rings.  It has been many years since I have seen mood rings, but Ron researched how to make them and where to find the materials on the internet.  We finally found a source in England for the liquid crystal sheets.  He made rings and pendants - they are so much fun.  These are fused glass tiles ready to come out of the kiln - they will become mood pendants.

I grow and press hundreds of flowers during the summer and fall.  Now, in the winter, I go through them all and decide who needs protective colouring.  Many, like rhodanthe, xeranthemum and strawflowers retain their colour.  I grate pastels to brush on those flowers that have started to fade or will fade if exposed to light.  These are pansies that definitely need some help.

I will put these back in the microwave with a little jar of water to bake in the colours.  Yes, I know one is missing!   I ripped it while brushing on the pastels.

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