Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The journey so far

This is our third winter on what we affectionately call the mountain top (its very cold!)
It has been a rocky but wonderful ride.  We very naively quit our jobs, left our friends and family and embarked on this adventure without any idea of what it entailed, or to be more specific, what the costs would be - financially and emotionally.
We joke that this was a good thing - we just deal with whatever comes along.  We are living the life we could only dream about before.  We work hard but we have the time and space to be creative.

Many good things have happened.  One of the best was Lucy, our puppy.

We have been selling at three markets in the area.   This has been so much fun -  getting to know fellow vendors and meeting local customers as well as those who are traveling through our area.

Ron has a workshop for the first time - even though it is also a laundry room and storage area.  He loves the space.  Sometimes family has to wait for promised projects - here he is making a vase for our son and daughter-in-law.

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